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Our Member Universities have a dedicated Member Area, consisting of the sections listed below
  • 1

    BUA Open Calls

    This section is devoted to all Open Calls from BUA such as a Call for Hosting University for the BRICS+ Annual Conference, Call for Program Proposals, etc.
  • 2

    Community Announcements

    BUA Members publish here their announcements, event invitations, student initiatives and dessiminate other related information about the international activities of their institutions.
  • 3

    Academic Partnerships

    This section is dedicated to all issues related to Academic Partnerships development (calls for partners for winter/summer schools, double degrees, joint research, etc as well as recommended events for attendance in terms of this goal and useful services).
  • 4

    Foreign Student Recruitment

    In this section all information, discussions, events and services relevant to International Student Recruitment activities are published.
  • 5

    HigherEd Jobs

    BUA Member Universities share here their international job openings in International Affairs sphere.
  • 6

    IRO Trainings

    BUA provides International Officers of Member Universities with trainings and educational seminars on various aspects of international affairs of the institutions.
  • 7

    Articles & Papers

    BUA Member Universities have an opportunity to share with colleagues their publications, articles, researches and other papers.
  • 8

    Consulting Services

    BUA provides Member Universities with professional consulting services on the issues related to global strategy development, international market expansion, academic excellence, foreign student recruitment, international office management and other areas.
  • 9

    Recommended Service Providers

    BUA Executive Board makes a list of companies and service providers of different countries with which BUA or its partners have already had positive experience of collaboration.
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